As a mom, teacher and long-term city of San Bernardino resident, I believe that everyone in our city deserves an equal opportunity to high quality services that support healthy families and neighborhoods. This requires new voices in city leadership.

If elected to the San Bernardino City Council, I will fight for the interests of families who often struggle to make ends meet and who believe the city must do more to make neighborhoods safe. I want to rebuild our city so that every resident has access to healthy spaces and activities.

As an active community leader, I have dedicated my career as a teacher and a health advocate to engage people of all walks of life in activities that support healthy families and communities, and to creating a culture that recognizes the gifts everyone brings to our city.

As a voice for families and neighborhood residents, I will work to ensure that our city supports quality jobs, safe neighborhoods, recreation, education, and health for everyone. I will partner with everyone who shares this interest and help put an end to infighting and division in city leadership. I hope I can count on your vote Tuesday June 5th!